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Universum Lamp


Sint-Gerardiuskerk, Eindhoven.


Designer, Installation Engineer, CAD drawer, Fabricator

The Universe Chandelier was designed and fabricated by myself in my own workshop for a SportCity gym built into the old Sint Gerardius Church in Eindhoven.

The Chandelier is 7 meters wide in diameter, and involved a lot of challenges in creating such a functional object with the given size. Not only technical, but also form-wise

It was installed by a group of 6, including myself. I was lead on installation.

Material studies (specifically steel), Physics and Engineering knowledge were necessary to build a safe and stable chandelier.

Initial sketches were produced in Sketchup and Autodesk Fusion360

The LED electronics were by The Green Energy Company.

The Universe Chandelier was featured in Allicht magazine. A magazine on Architecture, Design, and Technology.

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