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Theremin Spirograph

Project Type

Solo Project, done for a course at TU/e, Creative Electronics


Industrial Designer, 3D and 2D Drawer, Fabricator

The Theremin Spirograph is a drawing device inspired by the Theremin. It is designed to create aesthetically pleasing Spirograph-like drawings controlled via the distance of your hands to the machine. Perhaps artists will become obsolete in the foreseeable future. The mechanics behind the movements of the Pen are driven by two servo motors. The speed and direction of rotation of the motors, and the positioning of the joints of the arms, and the positioning of the Pen dictate the pattern of drawing. The distance between servo motors are adjustable via included wrenches. The position of the pivot points of the arms are adjustable by picking different holes on the arms. The placement of the Pen is possible on any available holes on the arms.

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