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Project one, done at TU/e




Eindhoven, Technical University


Designer, 3D Drawer, Electronics

The Tap2Tap initiative aims to garner more insight into our societies water-usage and to stimulate the citizens of the smart city to be more mindful of the effects of excessive water-usage. As global temperatures are projected to continually rise, periods of drought are expected to become increasingly prevalent. We aim to create a platform that reconsiders water as a precious commodity. Through water-usage monitoring on a national, municipal and invididual level we create more insight in our expenditure and usage. By utilising our smart products and services we will enable users to use less water. Tap2Tap will offer a range of smart home appliances, as well as the possibility create a smart network of water-usage and reusage in your home to carefully monitor and adjust your own usage. Our hopes are to work together with government to allow for efficient flow of information about water-usage data. For this initiative to have an effect, a large user base is essential. The modular system of smart sensors connected through IoT were my design.

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